The ancestors of this popular toy dog 

were large northern sleigh dogs and herd dogs.

The Pomeranian's size has been bred down

through the years, to what has become

today's adorable model. Intelligent, agile,

cheerful, and friendly, the Pomeranian is

a brave watchdog and wonderful companion.


Gizmo and Precious


"Carol and her doggies. They love to swing."

"Carol and Gizzmo, he is about 13 years old now,

 is loosing his sight and is turning into a grouch."

I have been threatening to teach him how to swim

in the creek behind the house.

"I think Carol has Gizzmo mixed up with a PEZ dispenser. "


"Carol and Precious, she is about 7 years old now."

We all affectionately call her Fatso.

"Everyone works around this place."

Even if it is just sitting down.


"Let's keep both hands (and a paw) on the wheel.



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