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Carol is extremely shy and didn't want me to put this page out here for everyone to see, but as you can tell I don't listen very well and I think it is a part of her so it needs to be here. I like to tell people she is a cover girl, and has been in Glamour and Redbook magazines. I also like to tell them she was on the cover of Seventeen.

 Here is the cover of Seventeen, July of 1995. You say you didn't know that I was married to Alicia, well just like every story has two sides, so does a magazine. Here is the other cover of Seventeen on the right. I know that it may be stretching the truth a little bit. But I contend a cover is a cover. 

Here is a closer look at the back cover.



Here is the story.

Carol is the type of person which likes to try anything that says new. She (as all women) likes to take care of her hair. One day she saw this product ( Heat Safe ) in the store and tried it. She really liked it and it did as claimed, stopped Blow Dryer Dry - Out. She was pretty amazed and had to write Neutrogena. They responded [IMAGE]b y asking her to send in a picture of herself. Here is that picture. Well they thought she was kind of Cute and asked her if she and a friend (I wonder who her friend was)  would like to fly to New York City for a photo shoot. Little did we know they were bringing in Pierie' from Europe to do the girls hair. As you can tell from the photo on the cover he chopped her hair off. It was a pretty big shock for me because when the limo arrived to take Carol to the shoot, I wasn't allowed to go and I didn't get to see her till she got back. It was the very first time I had seen her in short hair. I have over the years grown to like her hair now, and probably would not want her to grow it out again. I say probably because Carol says " you never want to say anything about a woman's hair".  We had a great time in New York City.

Now for the rest of the story.

 Carol didn't know anything about the magazines when she went to New York City all they had told her was that she would be doing a commercial about Heat Safe. The commercial is about 30 seconds long and as you probably guessed Carol says " Ever day my hair looks better". The commercial ran for two years on all the network channels and even during prime time. Every time it ran Carol got royalties.  Neutrogena would send her a check every month and the times and days it ran. So as you can tell we are all proud of our Cover Girl


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