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June 1 1975

Carol is fast becoming quite an avid runner. She had always be an exercise nut. She has even been an aerobics instructor for Fitness for Her. She even got certified at the Hillcrest school for fitness trainers.

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Carol also has a passion for Las Vegas. Our last trip there (June 1 2000) I finally got her to ride some of the coasters and even got her up in a helicopter, which flew over the strip at night. We highly recommend the helicopter ride at night for anyone going to Las Vegas, for any reason. This was our pilot George. You can't tell by the picture but he was a very friendly fellow. I think we was wondering if I saw the sign on the back of his seat even though it was just a few inches from me. It is one of the best attractions in Las Vegas. While we were there this time we saw Jay Leno. He is a very funny guy and sounds like he really loves his family.




A couple of pictures of Carol.  That is Carol with her Sydnie and look in the background, is that, well yes it is, my little girl Christina. She wants me to stop calling her Kissy because she is almost 21 now. But that will never happen. 


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